Shakespeare’s Crown


For Christmas Santa gave me a box of wool from Blarney’s. I was thrilled beyond words. My search began immediately for the perfect Aran knitting pattern, taking care to find one that not only was the correct yardage and weight but accented the beautiful wool. I found the perfect pattern titled Shakespeare Cardigan by designer Pam Grushkin. As you can guess the name immediately drew me in. When the sweater was finished I was given another gift. A skein of wool was left over. It would be a terrible sin to leave that beautiful yarn in my overflowing knitting basket. I felt an accessory to match the sweater was the answer. So, I designed  Shakespeare’s Crown from the inspiration of this cardigan.

Happy Knitting!




Shakespeare’s Crown
Supplies Needed;
1 Skein approx. 154 mts/169 yards of aran weight wool

(I used Aran Handknitting Wool shade F.WHV from Blarney Woollen Mills, Ireland)

1 set of circular needles size 5mm/US 8 with 15 inch/small cable

1 set of double point needles size 5mm/ US 8

1 stitch marker

1 tapestry needle to finish ends.
Begin by CO 90 stitches on circular needles.

Pm at the beginning, take care not to twist the stitches as you knit the first round.

K1P1 for 5 inches

Knit for 3 rows
Start Honeycomb pattern (multiples of 8 stitches + 2)

Row 1 – K1 *2/2 RC (slip 2 sts to cn and hold in back, K2, then K2 from cn), 2/2 LC (slip 2 sts to cn and hold in front, K2, then K2 from cn) ; rep from * to last st K1

Row 2 – Knit

Row 3 – Knit

Row 4 – Knit

Row 5 – K1 * 2/2 LC, 2/2 RC; rep from * to last st K1

Row 6 – Knit

Row 7 – Knit

Row 8 – Knit

Repeat rows 1-8, 4X

K1P1 for 2 inches
Decreasing stitches

* K1, P1, K2Tog; rep from * to end of row.

* K1, K2Tog; rep from * to end of row

Switch to double pointed needles and continue to knit in the round.

* K1, K2Tog; rep from * until 3 stitches remain.

Cut long tail to catch remaining 3 stitches to finish.

Knot off.

Author: Trisha Georgiou

Dear Reader, Thank you for visiting my blog. Her Writing Life is my attempt to capture beautiful moments that exist in the midst of daily schedules, business, and chaos. I am an author of four poetry chapbooks and a novel forthcoming.

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