Angel Blessings


Ever since I was a little girl, I love to find shiny pennies. My Grandmother called them angel kisses. I always feel special when one appears. The angels knew I needed a boost.

This week I felt the world spin in chaos with the election circus, the pipeline explosion, the horrific pipeline situation in North Dakota, and the media exploding these stories further. It is easy to become depressed and caught feeling helpless when the world seems to be in shambles. Nature is the best place for me to combat negativity.

My daughter and I decided to take a walk to our local market. The leaves turning all shades of autumn colors provided the lovely backdrop for our walk. On the edge of the market’s parking lot, far away from the cars, were three shiny quarters with sides touching. Quarters do not fall randomly in a perfect triangle. My daughter and I were amazed at our finding because I have passed down Grandmother’s tradition to her. We picked them up feeling so blessed then headed into the market. It was to our amazement at the door were three bouquets of flowers on sale for a quarter a piece. We bought all three bouquets with our angel kisses and gave a bouquet away to pass forward the blessing.

Angel Blessings
Angels amoung us
drop blessings of hope
show us the way
to give back, joy
with open hearts
and smiling faces.


Moments to Steal


In the midst of a hectic day, juggling many tasks on a long to-do list, I took a cup of tea and my camera to the garden and stole a few minutes for myself. I sat on the grass and watched the light move and change on this Chrysanthemum plant as a cloud drifted into the sun’s rays. Not only was my spirit fed but my creativity was restored and my productivity increased for the rest of the day.  I think it is essential to intentionally slow down to notice the subtleties, the beauty, each moment holds; life becomes richer with more meaning and depth.

Moments to Steal

Sun, I reach for you 
to kiss me
reflect your light
for those to see.

Beauty in hues
organge through yellow
slight of pink
glorious fellow.

The crisp air
change of season
but bees still visit
not yet frost burden,

nor humid weight
or low dew point, feel
a perfect day
for moments to steal.