A Collaboration in Art

Irish poet Ciarán O’ Sullivan and I were given the grand invitation by artist Mark Balma to create poetry in response to his most recent painting, God is My Rudder. His featured work depicts a contemplative Mary Magdalene. As Mark was creating this fantastic work the “Me Too” movement was beginning to surface. Mary Magdalene’s life and burdens certainly relate to the crosses today’s women have also bared.  We hope with our collaborative efforts to inspire, reflect, and give power to this important movement for women. Continue reading “A Collaboration in Art”

The Right Attitude to Rain


On a cold and stormy day, feeling as down as the rain which came in sheets, I poured over the shelves in the used bookstore that I frequent. Alexander McCall Smith’s book entitled The Right Attitude to Rain grabbed my attention as its essence pulled me in then inspired. The idea of a cup of tea while snuggled under a quilt with a cozy mystery guided me home with a change of heart to find a spider’s web, beauty in the rain.

The Right Attitude to Rain

Sun lost like my spirit
behind dark clouds, obscured view
happiness invisible when gale winds blow.
Change your position
to a spider's view.
It's a cozy time to read, knit
feel the energy, forces move
saturate the dark core to cleanse away
nourish thy soul, hydrate
gain a new sight
the right attitude to rain.


Moments to Steal


In the midst of a hectic day, juggling many tasks on a long to-do list, I took a cup of tea and my camera to the garden and stole a few minutes for myself. I sat on the grass and watched the light move and change on this Chrysanthemum plant as a cloud drifted into the sun’s rays. Not only was my spirit fed but my creativity was restored and my productivity increased for the rest of the day.  I think it is essential to intentionally slow down to notice the subtleties, the beauty, each moment holds; life becomes richer with more meaning and depth.

Moments to Steal

Sun, I reach for you 
to kiss me
reflect your light
for those to see.

Beauty in hues
organge through yellow
slight of pink
glorious fellow.

The crisp air
change of season
but bees still visit
not yet frost burden,

nor humid weight
or low dew point, feel
a perfect day
for moments to steal.